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Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, Jr lived and worked in Jerusalem for many years before he returned to the states for continued ministry. A teacher,  missions director, speaker, and fully credentialed journalist since 1984, Jimmy has produced multiple television programs, including Day of Discovery and The John Ankerberg Show. 

Beginning with Jewish programming in New York City, and then continuing to Jerusalem, Jimmy produced The Israel Update, and worked with heads of state and members of the Israeli government.   Currently, Jimmy produces all Prophecy Today broadcasts and  videos.​

With a heart for ministry and missions, Jimmy has established and led multiple sports, music and evangelistic teams to Israel, Romania, and Montenegro, including personal evangelism boot camps on the Sea of Galilee. Held in Montenegro, between 2009-2016, Jimmy helped begin a sports, art and English language camp.​

In 1995, Jimmy began conducting tours to Israel with his father, Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, Sr.; in 2012, he assumed the “Land of the Bible” and Bible Prophecy Tours. Today, Jimmy continues leading VIP Israel Tours.

In 2021 Dr. Jimmy DeYoung passed away. Jimmy Jr. and Rick Deyoung took over the ministry of Prophecy conferences and Radio.

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