Afternoon Show

Jim Collins is like that family member or friend who wants to make you smile.

Jim will be quick to allow the fine meteorologists from the Action News Center to keep you informed, and he’ll make sure you have the info you need to avoid a traffic nightmare with reports from the Metro Networks. Jim keeps a vigilant eye on the news and will make sure that if it’s important … you know about it.

My love for radio began when I was a teenager listening to the “disc jockeys” on the local Top 40 stations.  I loved the way they came across the airwaves like a friend.  It was like going to their house each time I turned on the radio and listening to music together.  But once I met Jesus, He opened the door to use my love for radio in service to his Kingdom and now for the past 40 plus years I’ve had the privilege of serving Him in this capacity, since 1995, at WAY Radio!  I believe, even as times change, radio is still a powerful force to reach the lost for Christ and build up the faith of His children.