Morning Show

Ace McKay

Your weekday mornings get off to a great start with relevant Bible teaching and fun companionship from Ace McKay. Ace will give you the latest headlines and will hook you up with the meteorologists from the Action News Center and traffic from the Metro Networks.

We all have different sides to who we are and Ace says, “I’m a man of many sides,” which is about the best way to describe him. He’s a Christian, Dad, musician, author, speaker, graphic/web designer but, out of all those he’s a “radio guy.” Ace’s love of music goes back to the age of three while riding in the car listening to the radio with his mom. She taught him about music, faith and following your passions…A defining time in his life of connecting in his relationship with God and how God made him. His love of listening to the radio grabbed him by age 6 and he’s not looked back since! Ace grew up a southern boy in the heart of the Bible belt of Alabama but, has moved around calling Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, and Florida home as well. Above all of Ace’s sides, he takes the role of Dad to his two girls seriously. He blends principles from the Bible with humor and mutual respect in how he raises his kids, looking for ways, on purpose, to invest in them daily.