September Featured Broadcaster

Dr. David Jeremiah is a long time broadcaster on WAY Radio. He is the Senior Pastor at Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego California.

He has written an impressive number of books and bible studies all available on his website.

In 1981, the Jeremiah family, which now included four children, followed God’s call and moved to California when Dr. Jeremiah became the senior pastor of Scott Memorial Baptist Church, which is now Shadow Mountain Community Church. Today Shadow Mountain Community Church is one of the largest churches in San Diego county with eight satellite locations including Hispanic and Arabic congregations. The main campus of the church, located in El Cajon, California, is also the home to Southern California Seminary and Christian Unified Schools, a multiple site kindergarten to twelfth-grade Christian school district.

Weekdays 11:00 am and 9:30 pm and Sundays 7:30 pm