Each week we will feature on of the team here at WAY Radio, to help you get to know us better. Let’s kick off this week with our fearless leader!

Meet Luke Stephens

I’m an odd guy really.  Growing up, I was half nerd and half athlete.  I’ve always loved Christian music, and while in high school decided that maybe Christian radio could be something that would allow me to be around the music, since I couldn’t sing or play instruments well.  As I’ve aged, I’ve probably leaned a bit more to the nerd side.  My first radio job was at the station I grew up listening to (how cool is that)?  Now, nearly 35 years later, I still love coming to work everyday (not the same station) knowing that what the station does makes a difference in the lives of so many of our listeners.  Florida has become home to me, and it’s sort of a full circle type of thing.  My dad was originally from Tampa, but the military took him away and when I came along in the 60’s, my parents were living in Kansas City.  I’ve been a life-long Chiefs fan, not a band wagon guy now that they’re good. ?  My lovely wife, originally from Alabama, had moved to Kansas City, and we met in church.  Marriage, children, homes, moves … what an amazing life God has allowed me to enjoy.  In 2002, after stops in Atlanta and in Little Rock, God opened the door at WAY Radio in the Jacksonville area.  My parents moved back to Florida in 2007, completing that circle.  We attend a fabulous church in Middleburg, Florida and really enjoy hanging out at home, but we’ll also go anywhere, we love to travel.  The children are now 22 and 18, and we’re enjoying watching them use their God-given talents: photography and music.  I love stupid-humor movies like Napoleon Dynamite and even Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (don’t judge me), I also love action movies like the Bourne series.  I enjoy reading … I just don’t do it enough.  As odd as this sounds, I’m currently enjoying reading through all of the articles/helps in my ESV study Bible.  Whatever God has in store for us in the future, we’re ready for the ride … I think.  ?