Meet The Team

Each week we will feature one of the team here at WAY Radio, to help you get to know us better. This week we will feature Kelley Jo!

I am a girl from the Southwest part of the U.S. and I have been in the Jacksonville area since the mid 80’s, except for a couple of duty station changes. I have been married to my beloved Mark for 37 years. I am a Navy veteran, a veteran homeschooler, Mom of two adult daughters, Nikki and Sami, a DJ, a cage trap builder, trappers assistant, GJo to the Grand Darling (one of my favorite people), and an avid crafter, artist and cake baker.

I have really learned a lot about legos and radio in the last 13 years. I love that I get to hear about and talk about Jesus so openly and cherish this time being able to meet so many believers who love the Lord. I hear stories all the time about people being changed by the Word of God. Such encouragement! I am excited to be a part of that.

What’s next for us? Only God knows, but it’s going to be an adventure!

Oh, the Grand Darling said I should say ‘Hi!” from him. You can often times find him here at the station listening to the Bible teachers and laying under the studio desk, just hanging out.