Each week we will feature on of the team here at WAY Radio, to help you get to know us better. This week we will feature Ace McKay!

Ace McKay

I grew in Birmingham, Alabama and in a Christian home. While I am a southern in my eating habits, I didn’t keep the accent but I’ll throw down a plate of fried anything when I get the chance.

I am a musician and have been all my life. While a wear fedoras, My favorite hats I get to wear is my Dad and Hubby hats. My oldest daughters, Lennon & McCartney, are grown and living their best life in Michigan while my wife Tawny and our kids Mia and Ryan dominate my heart with their talents of singing and being bold in their faith.

I’m a huge movie and TV guy so I love to unwind in the theater with a popcorn bowl or on the couch with my wife to just escape the day. My wife and I lead worship for Celebrate Recovery a couple a times a month and our favorite date night is always dressing up and going to dinner. I like surf and turf so I’m easy to please.

I’m a Drummer at heart so the dashboard is my drum kit but I also play other instruments and have released music and written a few books to share my heart with people who are willing to listen.

I have been on the radio for 30 years and love it as much today as I did the first day I opened a mic. I love sharing life with you every morning so thanks for grabbing a cup of coffee with me each day.

Some of my other faves include:

  • All Time Fave Movie-“That Thing You Do”
  • All Time Fave TV-“Quantum Leap”
  • Drink-Topo Chico
  • Snack-Popcorn or Peanuts
  • Ice Cream-Heavenly Hash
  • Food-Wings
  • Music Style-Blues, Rock and Worship