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Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram

Weekdays at 7 am and Sundays at 6am.

Living on the Edge provides Biblical teaching and discipleship resources that challenge and equip spiritually hungry Christians all over the world to become mature disciples of Jesus.

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Ingram grew up in what he called “a negative religious environment”. In his book Living on the Edge: Dare to Experience True Spirituality, Ingram recounts growing up in a church that did not believe in the Bible or in having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ: “We read our prayers, we said the right things, we fulfilled our religious duty, and then we went home. There was absolutely no expectation that what we did on Sunday would have any impact on how we lived the rest of the week.”

As a result, by the time Ingram was a teenager, he was disengaged from church and God. He recalls, “I wanted to believe, but the older I got, the less interested I became in going through the religious motions and pretending and saying things that no one lived or believed.”

Ingram went on to graduate from West Liberty State College in 1976. Afterwards, he received an invitation from Sports Ambassadors to travel overseas with other college basketball players from around the nation using basketball as a vehicle for evangelism. Ingram toured the Caribbean, South America, and Asia with three international basketball teams, a trip that he said to be the turning point of his life.

While he was on tour, he caught a vision that God could use an ordinary person like him to accomplish extraordinary things. Ingram started to believe that God was not calling him to coach athletes, but to “coach” people for Jesus Christ and become a pastor.

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