July Update

Exciting things are happening in the Dominican Republic with our new Men of Honor program!

In the Dominican Republic, as in many countries, there is a mentality that men are solely meant to make money. The men in these villages are raised in this mindset and oftentimes their families can suffer. Brokenness exists everywhere in our world and Men of Honor exists to to show these men that they are more than just tools for work, they are leaders in their communities, husbands to their wives, fathers to the children, and, most importantly, servants of God.

This past December, Men of Honor was able to have its first bi-annual day-long conference to start the conversations to discuss the topic of what it means to be men. Over 80 men participated in this event and since then, more and more men just keep asking “What’s next?” “When will we be meeting again?”

Coming soon, we will host our second Men of Honor Conference to bring more of these discourses to light. The men coming out of Men of Honor are taking big steps towards a different future and a different culture for their children. We are not satisfied to continue in the way the system says men ought to be and neither are these men, they are seeking after the way Scripture defines how men ought to be.

It is not just twice yearly events with Men of Honor either. There is continual discipleship of these men through communication face to face and over messaging systems where there are daily reminders, lessons, and Scriptures bringing up Truth again and again about the proper way to live and treat your families and those around you.

The missionaries in the Dominican Republic are coming alongside these men to train up a new mentality – a mentality where men protect their families, a mentality where they cherish their wives as Christ cherishes His church, and a mentality where God comes first in their households.

Together, we are fighting for transformation in the lives of these men so that they too can turn and do the same in the lives of the other men they come into contact with.

2 Timothy 2:2 “And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also.”