December Broadcaster

Chosen People Ministries with Dr. Mitch Glaser, exists to pray for, evangelize, disciple and serve Jewish people everywhere, and to help fellow Christian believers do the same. 

“I was looking for an authentic spirituality, and I imagine you might be interested in the same thing. I hope you might be willing to put aside—at least for a moment—the common belief that you cannot be Jewish and believe in Jesus.”

The mission was founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1894 by Rabbi Leopold Cohn, a Hungarian Jewish immigrant with a zeal to share the knowledge of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah with God’s chosen people. Today, Chosen People Ministries serves in eighteen countries across the globe. Our outreach programs include evangelism and discipleship, Messianic Centers and congregations, equipping the local church for Jewish evangelism, digital evangelism through our Isaiah 53 Campaigns and I Found Shalom videos, and benevolence work. With your help, we will continue proclaiming the Good News through Jesus the Messiah to Jewish people around the world.

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