Crossover Cups Mission Day

Thank you for supporting Crossover Cups Mission. If you weren’t able to give on Wednesday you still have the opportunity to do so.

Exciting news FIRST COAST! You along with our sister station 90.7 WAY Radio in Brunswick sponsored 215 children so far. Don’t you love it when God shows up?

A thank you from Jack Eason of Crossover Cups Mission:

WAY Radio first partnered with Crossover CUPS Mission in 2021. In these few years, the listeners of WAY Radio have provided the funds to support a mission that is changing lives in the Dominican Republic.

It started with a community center that allows the village of Alto de la Jagua to meet to hear the Gospel as well as provide a place for the children to play basketball and learn trades that will help them provide for their family and avoid the street life that steals the innocence of so many children in the D.R.

In the years since, donations from listeners have been supporting the village missionaries and providing access to the center. This vital ministry in a poor, mountainous country needs our continued help to bring THE message and an opportunity for impact.

Join WAY Radio as we welcome Jack Eason from Crossover Cups for a Cups Mission Day. He will be with us all day between programs.

You can find out how you can give to Crossover Cups at

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 2024 will be a day that hope continues. From 6 am until 6 pm we’ll be bringing special emphasis to the work happening in the Dominican Republic and how you can make a MAJOR contribution toward the effectiveness of the Gospel presentation.

Be ready to call with your donation (or to have questions answered) at (877) 291-6501 or click HERE to be taken to… where your $91 gift will get a child into the discipleship program in Alto de la Jagua, as well as provide missionary support to the community.

Thank you for joining us in this special ministry at the WAY Radio Community Center in the Dominican Republic.