April 2024 Update

Here’s what is happening in Dominican Republic with Crossover Cups Mission.

Would you support the Village of Alto de la Agua this month by praying?  Pray for land to expand the ministry, for the health of the women in the village and to protect young people from vices.  Jose’ Luis and Dani ask for prayer for better communication between them as a couple and for financial wisdom.  Your prayers make a difference for those serving on the ground.  If you would like to learn more about Cups mission, go to our website cupsmission.com and thank you for your support of Alto de la Agua.  

Bringing supplies to Alto de la Jagua is no small thing. Donkey make the trek 2.5 miles up the mountain. Check out the shoes on the man. That hill is at a 45 degree angle. They are so sure footed.

Discipleship is ongoing to teach the Bible and the Love of God.