August Online Giveaway

1 WAY Radio Listener will receive a 12+ item ‘FAMILY FAITH BUNDLE’ where there is something for everyone. , whether you are a single person or a businessperson, a child, or the parents of a teen, you’ll be blessed and encouraged by experts from many aspects of life.

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20 Ideas for Christian Family Living-book-by Turning Point-The journey down the road called parenthood is sometimes straight, often crooked, and always unpredictable.  But wherever parents are located along the path, they always want to be consistent resourceful and spiritually wise. Unfortunately, busy schedules and daily stress drain parents’ tanks of creativity and often leaves them stuck in neutral. If that describes you cheer up This handbook may be just the pit-stop you need.

Creative Grand parenting Jerry and Judy Schreur book-Offers creative and sound ways for grandparents to be involved with their grandchildren at every stage of their lives and circumstances – the good times as well as the tough times.  Readers will be inspired to begin right now to build memories and to pass on their own legacy of fun and faith.

Losing the Cape: The Power of Ordinary in a World of Superheroes-book What this world actually needs is less-than-super people making small but significant differences in their own corners of the world. Through inspiring stories from the Bible and his own life, Dan Stanford demonstrates that with God availability is more important than abilityLosing the Cape is an invitation to start making the world a better place through your ordinary, everyday presence.

Business God’s Way-Howard Dayton-bookThe Business God’s Way book will improve your business and your finances. Learn what God says about operating a business and handling money. Business God’s Way is for everyone in business—the CEO or manager of a department, small business or large, prosperous, or struggling, whether the business is a startup or well established.

Parenting Today’s Teen devotional by-Mark Gregston pours the wisdom of his experience with kids in crisis into a daily devotional.

Readers will find assurance and guidance as they wrestle with questions like these:

  • Why is our son acting this way?
  • What is our daughter so angry about?
  • Will our family ever enjoy being all together again?
  • How have we contributed to the problem, and how can we lead the way out?
  • What is the proper balance between tough love and total acceptance?

These short devotions are filled with Scripture and real-life examples of young people who have successfully emerged from serious struggles.

Raising Money-Smart Kids: How to Teach Your Children the Secrets of Earning, Saving, Investing, and Spending Wisely-book-Ron and Judy BlueWise money management and wise living go hand-in-hand, and nowhere else is this truth demonstrated more vividly than in Raising Money-Smart Kids. This easy-to-understand guidebook shows how parents and children can enjoy a lifetime of financial well-being and security–leading to financial independence and family harmony.

A Christ-Centered Wedding: Rejoicing in the Gospel on Your Big Day-bookFrom the start, this thoughtful book looks to the Creator of weddings for guidance in planning by emphasizing the sacrificial love of the Savior more than the modern world’s idealistic view of romantic love. There are chapters filled with practical information about everything from pre-marital counseling and choosing a wedding location to other resources like a planning checklist and timeline, music suggestions, guidance on potential issues of conflict, a listing of traditional financial responsibilities, sample vows, and other great ideas from couples who have successfully put together a Christ-centered wedding.

Character Counts- Charles Dyer-BookThis book is about integrity, character, and values. The key qualities needed to live a life of integrity will be explained and illustrated through the stories of men and women in the Bible. Conduct reveals character, and we best understand integrity when we see it lived out in a person’s life.

Discover the Power OF One-Michael Youssef-Book How can one person stand up and make a positive difference in a world inundated with negativity? Michael Youssef shows how an individual can take a strong stand for what is godly behavior, biblical truth, and right attitudes. Even one person has the power to influence the world for good. This book will show you how to: · maintain your identity · challenge the status quo · experience God’s rewards · know the truth that sets you free · overcome life’s tests · stand on a sure foundation of absolutes.

Living the Extraordinary Life-Charles Stanley-3 DVD setWhether it’s for yourself or others-and especially if it’s for God-do it with excellence. Sadly, many people spend years pursuing the wrong goals, wasting valuable time and opportunities, or both. In this DVD series, Dr. Stanley shares foundational principles that have shaped his life and blessed him with great joy and fulfillment. Discover how these wonderful truths can also help you live the extraordinary life.

The Rapture: And What to Do Until Christ Returns- Book and CD- by Dr. David Jeremiah will help you be ready for that day! This will help you understand the Rapture and its purpose, and your life will be enriched as you discover what Scripture promises for the believer as we enter the last days. It will help you fulfill the Great Command and Great Commission: living a life of love while making disciples of all nations.

Stars in Our Eyes-By Adventures in Odyssey-CD-tracks 1-3 It’s never a smooth ride in Odyssey… A national treasure comes to town and is promptly stolen, and Curious Isn’t It? Tracks 4-6- Friends Ben and Esther overhear a conversation and come to believe that Mr. Whittaker is getting married.